Redwood Roofers

Low pitched roofing membranes are used for all roofs that are either flat or with a pitch less than 2/12. Proper installation, by highly experienced roofers, will result in a very substantial waterproof roof for years to come. Two layers of low pitched roofing over and underlayment of fiberglass base sheet is the best method utilized by Redwood Roofers to insure a leak proof roof.

Used predominantly in the commercial roofing market, low pitched roofing is also viable in the home market where flat to just under 2/12 pitch roof areas are present, and for deck over an enclosed living space.

Redwood Roofers always recommends the use of two layers of low pitched roofing due to its extended durability; the 1st layer of to be smooth, and the 2nd layer to be granulated. The granulated layer is available in many different colors.